OCM_BR17_0194OC Henna is located in Southern California and provides a variety of services for henna tattoos and body art. We specialize in traditional henna which is derived from eucalyptus, cajeput or lavender.

Henna or  “mehndi” is an ancient art form originating in the Arabian Peninsula and  has now become a global phenomenon.  It is used for a variety of different purposes but mainly for beautification. In South Asia and the Middle East, women commonly indulge in henna during their weddings, religious and social celebrations.  Men & women also use henna as a hair dye. Henna, is a well-known commodity in many Asian countries and has quickly made its entrance as an exquisite “body art” universally.  Western culture has also adopted henna as a form of self-expression. These temporary tattoos are now seen at carnivals, fairs and tattoo shops.

OC Henna prides itself in bringing this age-old craft to Orange County. We provide services for all occasions whether it be your child’s birthday or your wedding ceremony. OC Henna has a design for everyone; each  design is customized and tailored to our client’s needs. We are dedicated to making your day special and providing you with the most beautiful henna tattoo every single time.

Affordable rates and excellent henna tattoos, be sure to make us part of your next celebration.

xo, Sana Yousuf